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Cancellation/Reschedule policy:

Cancelling or rescheduling requests have to be received the day prior to site visit by 5pm. Past that deadline, a fee will be applied to your order.  We charge a fee to cover the cost of our employee's time and/or trip that has already been allocated or expensed.


Weather is considered an act of god and we cannot know when or how it will affect the subject property at the time of shooting. In addition to this, different customers have different standards for what is acceptable to them or their clients, hence, we rely on our customers to keep an eye on the weather and reschedule the day before (see our rescheduling policy above).

The only instance where we would reschedule at no charge, is when our photographer cannot complete the task. We would reschedule for the next available time, to complete the work already undertaken.

This policy enables us to keep our prices as low as possible, as opposed to having to charge more for every job Ito offset such rescheduling instances.

Turnaround times:

Typically we deliver the next business day, following the site visit. Floor plans and photo editing, can sometimes take an extra business day. Since we're not open on Sundays and certain holidays, one should factor this in to determine when the final media will be delivered.

For example, if the site visit happens on a Saturday, media will be ready the following Monday.


Obviously, these delivery times may vary due to exceptional circumstances out of our operational control (e.g. internet outage, acts of god, etc).

Trip fees:

We charge reasonable trip fees for areas that are outside our normal service areas. If a trip fee applies, ant this is your first time asking us to service that area, we will quote you prior to undertaking the trip and work.

We strive to keep our trip fees as low as possible to cover only our costs for employees' time and mileage expense.

Trip fees may be collected in advance and are refundable if you cancel within our cancellation policy period.

Copyright and media hosting 

We reserve ownership of all media produced and delivered. We provide the customer with the right to use the media for the purpose of marketing a property for sale or rent.

We recognize that it wouldn't be fair to sell media paid for by one customer to another customer (e.g. change of listing agent), so typically we don't do this without the first customer's consent or ask the new customer to hire us to take new media.

The only exception is for floor plans. We will modify the floor plan to reflect the customer's information, but unless the property has been modified we won't measure it again unless we deem it necessary.

Some media, such as virtual tours, are hosted by third party vendors such as Matterport who have their own copyright that may supersede ours.

All the media including virtual tour links, photo links, etc is hosted by 3D Casas for 6 months, after that additional hosting/editing fees may apply to recover the media, some media might be lost without a possibility to recover. We recommend to download the media and store them on your hard drive or online storage platforms like Google Drive or Drop Box.

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