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Virtual Staging:
Virtual Staging

New! Only $3

per photo


A la Carte

  • Photos $79* (30-35 photos, + free Matterport 3D Tour)

  • Floor plan $79*

  • Virtual Tour $79*

  • Aerial photos $79 (10 photos by licensed drone pilots)

  • Virtual Twilight $9/photo

  • Virtual staging $3/photo**

Sales tax not included

 * for up to 1500 sq ft, $10 for each additional 500 sq ft

** one photo per room selected. 3D Casas selects the best photo to apply virtual staging. Rooms have to be empty or furniture removal fee may apply.


  • Photos and Aerials $129* (Free Matterport 3D Tour included)

  • Photos and floor plan $129* (Free Matterport 3D Tour included)

  • Photos, floor plan and aerial photos $179* (Free Matterport 3D Tour included)

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